Let’s get one thing out of the way: If you’re looking for a typical writer-editor for your publication, you’ve come to the wrong place. Sure, I “get” content. I’ve been in the publishing industry for 14 years, much of that as a “print” editor and writer for lifestyle magazines.

But while I remain nostalgic about the permanence of the printed word, I’m far more enthused by the expansive possibilities made possible by mobile, tablet and other technology innovations. A master’s in digital media entrepreneurship recently converted me from a one-trick traditionalist to a forward-thinking futurist. And coordinating an entrepreneurship institute for journalism educators has only enhanced my understanding of online platforms–how to create, maintain, market and monetize them. I’m old-school background meets new-school skills.

So how can I help advance your company or product? If your content goals require sophisticated judgment combined with facility across platforms some writer-editors are less familiar with, I might be a good match. Need help curating a niche online publication; maintaining a mobile app or website; training yourself or newsroom in multimedia; creating an online community, html newsletter, ebook, webinar podcast and more; or simply someone who understands multiplatform content development? I’m the one.

I also bring years of experience as a certified professional resume writer, experience I still draw on when helping individuals brand and market themselves.

In my spare time, I’ve self-published several books in the major e-bookstores including Kindle Direct Publishing and I have also co-published a print book in CreateSpace.

Like all entrepreneurs, The Editress has a day job. Mine involves intrapreneurship, sales, marketing, social media, Web and multiplatform content development.

Sound like skills you need on your team? Let’s talk. Check out my resume. Or, contact me.